Vårtidig skådarutflykt . Early spring birding rip

Today Lennart, my fellow birding expert, and I went for short trip south of Stockholm (Södertörn) to search for the Three-toed Woodpecker near the lake Tärnan at Segersäng. This was our fourth attempt to see this bird. We had no luck, but we sighted one Crested Tit (tofsmes) and one Wren (gärdsmyg). Then we drove to the birdwatching tower at Östra Styran in Ösmo. Close to the road 73 we saw a very early spring sign, a Lapwing (tofsvipa).

Up in the tower we spotted more spring signs; 30 Gray Lag Goose (grågås), 
2 Whooper Swan (sångsvan) and one Lapwing.

Gray Lag Goose, Whooper Swan

Close to the tower were many small birds. The photo shows a Redpoll (gråsiska). 
A beautiful Hawfinch (stenknäck) was a new one for me.