Skådning i Kvismaren - Birding at Kvismaren

Yesterday afternoon Lennart, Ricky and I went to the Kvismaren Nature Reserve, a 200 km drive westward from Stockholm. This large reserve is a legendary place as Erik Rosenberg, the father of Swedish ornithology acted here. We was hoping to hear and record singing birds late in the evening but this season was over. We spotted in total 49 species and thanks to Lennart a Black Tern (svarttärna) was a new one for me. The photo shows an Osprey (fiskgjuse) among many Common Swifts (tornseglare).

Lennart spotting 50 Gadwalls (snatteränder)

Ricky and Lennart preparing a tasty dinner at Öby Hill

Late in the evening we counted around 1,000 (!) Cranes (tranor). It seems odd that the "autumn" seems to be here already. More photos from our trip here.