Tåkern - Lake Tåkern

Yesterday, this year´s warmest day so far, I and my friend and birding expert Lennart went for a 250 km drive to lake Tåkern, a nature reserve in southern Östergötland.

The Administrative Board of Östergötland describes Tåkern as:

Tåkern is best known for its rich bird life, but there is also a unique and very special flora. During the spring and summer a number of flowering plants and nesting birds are to be seen in the reserve. Some of the over 270 bird species that have been seen at the lake over the years are common and are found in abundance each year, while others are very rare and may only have been spotted once. Among the more common species are Marsh Harrier, Bittern, Bearded Tit, Osprey, Coot and Yellow Wagtail. In the autumn masses of migrant birds rest at Tåkern before they continue on their journey south. Early autumn mornings are filled with the deafening cackle of thousands of Bean Geese as they leave their roost en masse. This is known as the "Big Take Off".

Listen to a sound recording here